The winter frost is beginning to thaw and the first signs of spring are emerging! There is no better way to welcome in the new season than freshening up your space with the scents of spring. Our brand-new seasonal scents have just released. Fresh Laundry & Lilac and Magnolia Fragrance Pods will transport you to a world of blooming flowers and fresh spring breezes and are only here for a limited time!

Fresh Laundry & Lilac: a Breath of Fresh Air

Fresh Laundry & Lilac is a comforting fragrance that seamlessly blends the crisp essence of fresh laundry with the delicate charm of blooming lilacs. You’ll love the way this scent reminds you of newly washed linens and fresh florals all in one amazing whiff. Truly a breath of fresh air! 

Sweet Magnolia: Embrace the Blooms of Spring

Embrace the blooms of spring with Sweet Magnolia! This lovely scent is as sweet as a southern garden of magnolia blossoms, accented with dew-kissed bergamot and a touch of grounding sage. Imagine yourself wandering through a field of blooming magnolia trees, their fragrant flowers infusing the air with their intoxicating scent. Sweet Magnolia is a MUST this spring! 

Spring Has (Almost) Sprung! 

The first official day of spring is March 19th! Many of us look forward to warmer temperatures, blooming trees, and new beginnings. The days get longer, plants begin to grow and flowers begin to bloom. Spring is synonymous with renewal and rejuvenation, our fragrances truly capture the essence of the season! 

MojiLife Fragrance Pods can fill any space with amazing scents in an INSTANT. Simply place Sweet Magnolia or Fresh Laundry & Lilac in your AirMoji device, turn it on, and your space is automatically transformed. Whether you are going for a garden of magnolia blossoms or a room filled with newly washed linens and florals, our new spring fragrances are a must this season! 

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