Ask a kid what their favorite vegetable is. You might get a wrinkled nose or a “yuck!” If it’s an adventurous child, you might get lucky with an answer like “corn,” or “carrot” or “potato”…notwithstanding the fine lines between veggies and calling these popular items grains, roots, or starches. Fact is, fewer than half of children eat even a single vegetable a day.

But it isn’t just kids turning up their noses at all things green, leafy, or garden-variety. The Centers for Disease Control reported in 2023 that 90% of all American adults don’t consume sufficient vegetables and fruits. And considering these are a prime source of bio-flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, inflammation reducers and more, that’s a serious concern. 

Perhaps one of the most vital vegetables is also one of the most overlooked: the unassuming artichoke. Most don’t know how to prepare this odd-shaped veggie, or think of it beyond adding a bit of color to a dip. But the truth is, there’s a lot to be chuffed about the humble ‘choke, and it doesn’t have to be tough to claim it’s many health benefits.

The artichoke is one of the oldest known foods to humans, and they are actually a form of unbloomed thistle flower. Although many colorful raw vegetables are bursting with benefits, the artichoke is number one in antioxidant levels, including luteolin which can reduce cholesterol formation. It also contains other antioxidants known to fight inflammation, which is the source of several chronic health issues.

These green goddesses are attributed with other strong health benefits including:

  • Promotion of gut-friendly bacteria, which can reduce certain bowel cancers
  • Reduction of bloating, nausea, and indigestion
  • Potential reduction of blood sugars and support of metabolic health
  • Support of liver health

The liver is an essential body cleanser – removing toxins, filtering the blood, and breaking down toxic substances such as alcohol and drugs. The liver also produces bile, which is a fluid that helps break down waste and digest fats. It’s essential to keep our liver healthy and functioning, and the unassuming artichoke can be a natural player in your body’s liver defense.

Artichokes can improve bile production, and may even improve liver cell regeneration and decrease liver inflammation. But if eating raw or cooked artichoke makes you say “yuck!,” no need to fear. Cleanse by RBC Life is a unique and powerful supplement comprised of artichoke and spirulina—it can help detox your liver in only two weeks! That toxin elimination may also yield improved digestion and even clearer skin, as well as gallbladder support. 

Love your liver! It’s easier than ever with the Cleanse supplement from RBC. Try yours today and experience the way to ‘choke out impurities!


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