Love it or hate it, laundry day is here to stay. Or, if you have a larger household, maybe every day is laundry day. And as easy as it is to toss your togs into the washer and walk away for a bit, then dump them into the dryer for the hottest, fastest spin ever…there’s a better way to love your laundry. Check out this Q&A that can keep your wardrobe wowing much longer:

Does separating light and dark colors really make a difference?

Absolutely! Dark or vibrant colors can bleed in the wash, even in the coldest water, and even if items have been washed repeatedly. Just because you don’t see a huge color transfer doesn’t mean your lighter clothes are safe—after repeated washings with bright colors, whites can “gray,” or turn a pale bluish or pink color. And your brights will dull too. The good news is that most washers now have load-size settings, so you can wash smaller, separated loads without wasting water. 

Hot tip: buy a divided hamper so you sort as you go throughout the week. It’ll make sorting on laundry day a breeze!

How can I protect items with decals, designs, embroidery, or other accessories?

Simple! Turn them inside out. This includes “bejeweled” or studded jeans that can snag other clothes during the spin cycle. And T-shirts with vinyl or silk-screened designs will last much longer when inside out because there’s less friction on the surface area. And let’s face it…kids often end up with clothes peeled off inside out, so this one’s easy! 

Hot tip: keep that shirt (or other article of clothing) if it needs ironing later. Never iron directly on delicate embroidery, decals, or vinyl/screened designs or you risk melting or smudging, or tearing the design.

Do washers really eat socks?

Yep. And so do dryers. The best way to ensure all your socks keep their mates is to use a mesh bag in the wash. They’re super affordable and that way, no single sock can hide out in a fitted sheet or cling to a fuzzy towel. Hot tip: Mesh bags are also a must for anything with zippers or hooks/eyes, like intimates. These can snag.

How can I keep my laundry fresher, longer?

Not everything washed gets worn right away. Items get returned to linen closets, sock drawers, and dark closets and that “just washed” freshness fades pretty fast. But there are a couple of ways to preserve that cozy, clean goodness. First off, make sure your laundry is fully dry, and not damp when you pull it out of the dryer. You don’t have to dry on “high heat” (please don’t; that can cause shrinking or even damage some fabrics like high-plush blankets), but do ensure that even on low heat, items are fully dry. Damp fabric when folded or packed into a closet is more likely to mildew or lose freshness. We love the MojiLife EcoDry balls as a natural, fast way to wick moisture from your dryer loads.

Hot tip: Give your laundry a fragrance boost during the wash cycle, not with a dryer sheet. MojiLife Enhance in-wash scent boost offers a scoop of fabulous scent that safely binds with fabric right in the wash water…and lasts up to 12 weeks! (Yes, even in your gym bag).

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