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Vitamins and Supplements for the Winter Months

The first official day of Winter (in the northern hemisphere) is not until Wednesday, December 21st, which let’s face it, will be here before we know it! As with any changing of seasons our bodies change too, including what they need to stay healthy. By boosting your immune system with vitamins like Vitamin C, D, B, A, Rhodiola, and Probiotics, you feel better inside and out. 

Bye-bye back-to-school bugs

Why are back-to-school illnesses so common? Well, schools are like little germ factories. Classrooms can be crowded and kids’ hygiene can be questionable (to put it kindly). Plus, whenever there is a change of seasons (from summer to fall in this case), illnesses tend to be more common as well. How can you increase the chances that you and your children will remain healthy over the next few months?