The best offense is a good defense—not just in sports, but in life! Taking care of your health is a prime example, and it makes so much sense (and cents) to protect and prevent than cure or fix when something goes wrong. For example, cold sufferers in the US alone will spend approximately 2.9 billion dollars in 2023 on over-the-counter remedies from decongestants to pain relief; and that doesn’t factor in additional costs of time away from work or school. In truth, once you’ve got a cold, there is no “cure” per se, just best practices like hydration and rest to speed your recovery. 

And although people talk about “cold and flu season,” these ailments are year-round annoyances. We can defend against them all the time with simple practices that not only protect against colds and flu but will strengthen overall immunity and vitality. If you’ve become lax in any of these practices, take note and take care for a happy, healthier winter season.

1. Heartier Handwashing. 

It’s the top illness defense there is! The challenge is, that many of us do it incorrectly. Killing viruses and banishing bacteria depends on three things: Length (at least 20 seconds! Sing the happy birthday song twice at a normal pace in your head to get a feel for how long this is); Strength (don’t just hold your hands under running water, vigorously rub them together); and Suds (pump soap onto your hands, remove from water, and lather well and to the wrist).

2. Can’t Touch That.

All germs or bacteria need is access to flourish. The easiest access is our eyes, nose, or mouth–so get more deliberate and aware of how often you touch your face (The Science Times says it’s an average of 23 times per hour!). Focus on your face and you can dramatically reduce (or eliminate) touching your nose or rubbing your eyes—not only will that help you beat the bugs, but it can also improve your complexion! And don’t transfer those germs to your hands in the first place: if you need to cough, cover with the crook of your elbow or a tissue, NOT your hands.

3. Cut Back…

You know what’s coming here! Alcohol consumption and smoking can suppress your immune system. And the more you drink or smoke, the greater your vulnerability is to getting air-borne viruses…and the slower your body is to recover. Watching your consumption can be tricky, especially with so many holiday parties on the horizon–so plan your intake limit before the party rather than during the festivities. Also, either bring or scout out great alternatives: non-alcoholic sparkling cider or eggnog for a toast, for example.

4. Add More..

Boost your immunity with phytonutrient-dense foods, like spinach, broccoli, berries of all types, celery and carrots from the crudite display, and pears (no partridge or tree required). Too, perhaps the easiest immunity booster you can do is to take it easy! That’s right: relax. Giving yourself downtime with adequate sleep, a quick catnap in the afternoon, or meditation in the morning can give your body the time it needs to become an extraordinary virus-fighting machine. Plus, you’ll be more alert and fun at that family holiday gathering too!

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