Discover the joy of fragrance—and also its power to unlock potential—in simple ways you can use to get an everyday advantage.

Try Something Scent-Sational!

The smell of baking cookies. The waft of a freshly-cut pine tree. The zing of lemon zest or sweetness of orange citrus. When you close your eyes and inhale these scents, they can transport you to a happy place or time–your home’s kitchen, holidays with family, a summer vacation. Even more, they can cultivate the mood and memories from those positive experiences and help you channel that goodness into an everyday boost.

Patented Perfection

Enter the AirMoji, a patented fragrance product exclusive to The Happy Co. This revolutionary device distributes the fragrance that fuels your best days, and does it like no other fragrance diffuser on the market. Its quiet fan has two speeds and lifts fragrance molecules from the wood fiber core inside the Fragrance Pod into the air, with a high and wide cast of fragrance.

The AirMoji is:

  • Spillproof—no wax, water, or oils required
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • No flame or heat required
  • Portable for any space or place in your home
  • Rechargeable! Powered by a long-lasting battery or via an included cord
  • Available in white, black and gray to suit any home decor

Clean Fragrance You Can Trust

But the device is only the beginning—the magic also rests inside the Fragrance Pods.

    MojiLife’s Fragrance Pods are:

    • Clean, non-toxic and safe
    • Last up to 100 hours of fragrance life
    • Available in dozens of scents to match your space, lifestyle and mood (including Essential Oils options!)

    Your Nose Knows!

    And choice matters! Did you know the average adult can distinguish more than 1 trillion scents? That’s right—a study by the National Institutes of Health says we “have more sensitivity in our sense of smell than for which we give ourselves credit. We just don’t pay attention to it and use it in everyday life.” Paying attention is exactly what the AirMoji and its incredible Fragrance Pods help you do to create a sanctuary in your home or car and more happiness in your life.

    How does it work? Our brains tie fragrance to specific events and memory. And nuanced scent combinations that blend florals, or citrus, or rustic outdoor scents, or our favorite gourmand creations, can personalize our experience and unlock not just memory but MOOD.

    Here’s what a research study published in Scientific American says about the phenomenon: “A growing body of literature shows that positive mood is linked to an increase in productivity, performance, and the tendency to help others. Notably, prosocial behavior and productivity are enhanced in the presence of pleasant ambient odors.” It also stated, “People who worked in the presence of pleasant-smelling air also reported higher self-efficacy, set higher goals and were more likely to employ efficient work strategies than those who worked in a no-odor condition.”

    What’s the takeaway? Your nose knows how to be happy! (and helpful, and productive, and goal-oriented). With an AirMoji and your favorite Fragrance Pods in each room in your house, you’ve got a powerful secret weapon of positivity and performance that’s also completely safe, clean and usable by every member of your family!

    Check out the new array of MojiLife Fragrance products today!

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