Your mother always told you to eat your vegetables. And the benefits of a plant-rich diet are indisputable, including their antioxidant power and dense vitamin content. But recently, scientists and nutritionists alike have been taking a close look at flora–that’s right: flowers–for benefits derived from their flavonoid content.  Flavonoids work as strong antioxidants and fight oxidative stress, which is when single-atom cells called free radicals damage healthy cells, speeding aging or even progression of disease.


A leading flavonoid is xanthuomol. Xanthuomol is significant among antioxidants because in addition to its free radical-fighting superpower, it’s also been linked to protecting against metabolic disorders, including metabolic syndrome. Pfizer science reports that “metabolic syndrome is a collection of risk factors that increase a person’s change of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.”

In short: Xanthuomol may provide a wide array of benefits, and more continue to unfold. And what’s a powerful source of xanthuomol and how can you incorporate it into your daily routine? The answer is flower power.


Behold the humble flower of the humulus lupulus, commonly known as hops. Yes, THAT hops, a key ingredient in beer. In addition to brewing up your favorite beverage, hops plants have long been cultivated by humans for a variety of uses and have even been attributed to have anti-inflammatory and antimocriobial properties.  Hops contains amounts of the flavonoid xanthuomol, which HCo. brands as “Xanthomax.” It’s available in a daily supplement blended with tumeric root extract and 30 mg of caffeine.

This proprietary blend, HCo.’s Happy Caps, may be a foundation in your daily energy and wellness routine, and it’s so easy to incorporate with just a single capsule daily. You’ll get the benefits of pure, plant-based xanthuomol, plus the spice turmeric–gaining popularity for its active ingredient curcumin. Happy Caps brings together these powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents with a boost of energy to bring your best self and to your best days.

Learn more about Xanthomax and Happy Caps and how it can transform your day, the natural way!

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