The perks of a healthy lifestyle are paramount when it comes to getting more out of your day while infusing more “happy” in it! As you probably know, we’re founded on the belief that everyone deserves to be happy. That’s why we offer a range of products that do more, go farther, and just plain feel good! Combined with a healthy lifestyle, you can live a happier, healthier, and fuller life.

Here are just four perks of a healthy lifestyle: 

Increased Energy 

By incorporating a balanced diet, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep each night, you can increase your energy levels to do the things you love and get through the things you may not love to do, but need to do.  

And, when it seems you could really use an extra hand or dose of energy, our new PerX Frost drink has your back! With NO ADDED SUGAR, you can get all the benefits like ultra-focus, appetite-control, (because let’s face it, nothing says munchies like mega stress and an overwhelming to-do list) and of course that proprietary dose of “happy” we’re known for.

Furthermore, PerX features the most potent natural nootropics blend we’ve ever created. These nootropics may help boost your brain’s “feel good” hormones, improve cognition, and suppress hunger and cravings.

Save More Money  

According to a study by Bringham Women’s Hospital 20 percent of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes costs in the U.S. are attributed to unhealthy diets. Whereas a healthy diet could save $50 billion in Health Care costs. 

While studies show a healthy diet can prevent chronic illnesses, it has also been known to boost immunity. And with fewer visits to the doctor or specialists, and needing fewer prescription medicines, you’ll not only save time but money and stress too. 

Looking to cut costs? Our Unwined™ Chill Drink is perfect for helping to calm racing thoughts, de-stress, and let go of muscle tension. It’s like wine, but without the alcohol, bitter taste, excess sugars, and expensive price tag. 

Feel Better  

The link between food and mood is so strong, that “hangry” (hunger + angry) was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2018. Although USA News states that the term’s first known use was in 1956. 

In addition to being hungry, mood can also influence what choices we make. Maybe it was that disaster day at work that called for pizza and wine or the devastating breakup or fight that led to indulging in ice cream. According to, stocking up now on good-for-you foods can help you break the bad-food, bad-mood cycle. 

Looking for a healthy, convenient, and easy meal for busy days? Our All-in-one Happy Shake™ offers nutrition, weight loss, muscle building, and gut health! Plus, it’s available in a delicious birthday cake flavor to help ward off those unhealthy cravings. 

Look Better

We probably don’t have to you tell that by living a healthier lifestyle, you’ll feel happier. Not just because physically you feel better, but mentally you do too. Through a healthy diet and exercise, you can lose or maintain your weight and feel better about how you look. 

Not to mention sugar, processed meats, salty snacks, alcohol, and more can have a negative effect on your skin. While breakouts, inflammation, flaky skin, and wrinkles aren’t always due to diet alone, not getting the nutrients your skin needs can make your skin worse and prematurely age you. 

Want to give your skin a helping hand? Our Happy Collagen features the world’s first Triple Peptide Complex which: 

  • Helps prevent collagen breakdown
  • Helps to restore collagen synthesis
  • And, helps to nourish all three layers of the skin matrix!

†These product statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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