Get ready—because we’ve got something for everyone on your list. And, yes, that includes your hard-to-shop-for dad and even your sister who already seems to have everything under the sun. This year, discover gifts that won’t just deliver instant smiles but continue to delight long after the holidays are over.

For Moms Everywhere.

All Mom ever wanted was for you to be healthy and happy. This year, why not return the favor with Happy Coffee and XanthoMax? From the boost of energy to mood elevation and healthy ingredients, it’s all that she deserves and more.

XanthoMax® Happy Caps. When it comes to happiness and health benefits, these happy caps won’t make you play favorites. We’re talking full-spectrum health capsules that go well beyond one-a-day vitamins while delivering mood elevation too.

MAX Happy Coffee. So what makes our coffee MAX? Aside from the great taste, it’s all about Mood elevation, Appetite control, and Xtreme energy. Perfect for the woman who would give you the world and continues to be your biggest fan.

For Dads and father figures alike.

A hero, a protector, and at times your personal ATM. Dads are the real deal— 100% all in. This year, skip the novelty tees and gift him with products that work just as hard as he does.

NITRO Bold Coffee.  It’s like giving the gift of energy, focus, and motivation—all the while promoting muscle-pumping nitric oxide. Perfect for helping him keep his Father Knows Best status.

MAX + Energy Caps. Nootropics for mood elevation, adaptogens for defense against stress, natural energizers for brain function, EnXtra® for mental alertness and clarity… it’s just like dad always said, (or at least he would have had he known about these) too much of a good thing… really good, maxed-out thing.

For the Fitness Aficionado (and anyone looking to ace their fitness resolutions)!

You don’t have to be a gym rat to appreciate these result-driven Fit & Happy Shakes. What you do need? A desire to reach your goals through healthy living!

Fit & Happy Shakes. It’s like giving the gift of nutrition without skimping on the taste. With delicious vanilla and mocha flavors, they offer the ultimate base for smoothies while being just as tasty on their own! And, with NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, GMOs, or preservatives, conquering those resolutions just got a whole lot more realistic.   

The Happy Co.™ Shaker. Looking for a gift that really shakes things up? How about an extra hand in the kitchen? Ideal for any shake, this stainless steel Happy Co. Shaker features engraved measure markings, an easy-access spout, and a spill-resistant locking cap, easy-making, easy-taking, and easy-devouring.

For friends, partners in crime, and your ride or die.  

Through thick and thin, ups and downs, highs and lows, and all the moments in between, where would we be without our tribe? For those in your life who have earned the title friend, gift them something they’ll love inside and out.

Happy Collagen. They always have your back, so return the favor. Featuring Triple Peptide Complex which may help to prevent collagen breakdown, restore collagen synthesis, and nourish all three layers of the skin matrix. Yeah, you’ll want some yourself too!

Age-Defying Intensive Repair Serum™. If only everyone gave gifts this good. Synchronized Peptide Complex™ (a patented breakthrough in skin care technology) makes your skin smoother, softer, firmer, and brighter in as little as 30 days. Perfect for all the little lines and wrinkles from nights spent laughing so hard you cried.

For sisters, soul sisters, and even your best bros.

For the ones that would literally give you the shirt off their back, give them something to really make their holidays bright—a little extra dose of sweetness!

Choclevate® Happy Chocolate. The unique combination of natural nootropics delivers the kind of “happy” that doesn’t stop—even after the delicious taste goes away. It’s kind of like having your cake and eating it too, but with antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. It’s the low-calorie, low-fat, no added sugar drink that’s keto-friendly too.

KetōCré® Keto Creamer. A coffee “cream” that puts your body into weight loss mode and tastes great? You bet! With multi-tasking benefits for fat burning, muscle building, and metabolic boosting power, this creamer is the perfect addition to your coffee or hot chocolate!

For the Party Enthusiast.

Those up-for-anything, always ready-for-a-good time friends in your life deserve to be celebrated. For these one-of-a-kind gems sometimes, the party never really does stop. Luckily, this gift is just what they need to unwind.

Unwined Chill Drink. For sleep support, weight loss, and even enhanced mood. It’s the drink that helps you slow down. Sip. Chill. Relax. Unwined™. It’s a totally new kind of health drink— with NO excess sugars or an expensive price tag.

Ultimate Revitalizing Cream™. All those late nights and party hopping can do a number on skin. Thankfully, this jar of awesome features our proprietary Synchronized Peptide Complex™ so skin may look noticeably better in 30 days or less. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

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