For everything we love about winter, getting out in bad weather has you reconsidering leaving the house—and rightly so! Whether it’s icy roads, an impending winter weather storm, or just a toasty fire you can’t bear to part with, forget weathering the elements and bring your gym home.

Just follow these 9 tips and exercises for your perfect workout at home!

1. Find Your Space.

Figure out where the best location is for your gym. You don’t have to have a dedicated room, just enough room to do the kind of exercise you prefer. Whether it’s a spare bedroom, basement garage or other area is doable, as long as you are able to access it when it’s time to work out.

2. Decide on Equipment.

The equipment you use is up to you. However, if you’re just setting up temporarily before you can get back to the gym, you may want lean into “less is more.” Items like hand weights, a yoga mat, and fitness bands can do wonders. 

Tip: If you’re choosing weights that you’ll use inside, as opposed to an unfinished basement or your garage, consider getting rubber weights and kettlebells. This will cut down on the noise. And, remember, just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should forgo a spotter.

3. Rubber Flooring

This may not be applicable if you don’t plan on using heavy weights for your workout, or are set up in an unfinished basement or garage. Otherwise, you may want to consider rubber flooring to protect your home floors from heavy weights. This will also cut down on noise.

4. Consider These:

  • A Mirror. This is great for being able to check your form while lifting weights.
  • Music. Having a way to listen to music is great especially for cardio.
  • TV or Tablet. This is great for following along with a workout video or class.
  • A clock. Having a clock nearby is great for staying on schedule and one with a second hand can also be used as a timer. You can also use your phone for this.
  • Something Motivational. Whether it’s a motivating quote, your fitness goals, or even just a great picture, can help offer inspiration when you don’t feel like working out.

5.  Make A Plan. 

Is it arm day, leg day, cardio day, or yoga and stretching? To get the most out of your workout, plan ahead! Create a calendar for strength training days, cardio, yoga, etc. That way, you can focus on the intensity of your workout instead of just making it up on the fly.

6. YouTube Your Perfect Workout.

Whether you want to practice your flow or push yourself a little harder, sometimes you need a helping hand. Just type, free workout into youtube and you’ll get a slew of videos for just about every workout. The more refined your search, the better your results.

For example, search:
Free Beginner Workout No Equipment
Zumba® 30-Minute Beginners Latin Dance Mini-Workout
After Workout Stretches

7. Try Something New.

Just because you’re not at an actual gym, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and try new things. Why not vary up your workout with a free dance class? From contemporary dance, country, hip hop, pop, zumba and more, you can put a little groove your next sweat sesh.

8. Stay Accountable.

Who’s holding you accountable to your home workout? Now that you aren’t paying your gym membership, skipping a workout isn’t costing you anything. That said, make sure you stay accountable to yourself and workout. Whether it’s finding a workout buddy to keep you accountable or downloading an app (you can even find some with workout videos, a fitness community, and meal plans) staying active is more than just losing weight and sculpting muscles. It’s vital to your physical and mental health.

9. Fuel Your Fitness Goals.

Working out and nutrition go hand and hand. To look and feel your best, skip the processed foods and reach for fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats, etc. Even small substitutions (like swapping out high-calorie coffee creamers for Keto Creamer) can make a big difference.

For a little inspo, check out these products:

KetōCré® Keto Creamer

Turn your morning cup of coffee into a weight-loss drink with this Keto coffee booster that’s sugar-free and lactose-free, yet cream richer and more delicious than the stuff that comes from the cow. Plus, with added muscle builders (amino catalysts) and metabolic boosters, you’ll love the results just as much as the taste.

Elevate MAX + Energy Caps

What elevates these energy caps to the max? We’re so glad you asked.

  • Nootropics that may help boost your brain’s “feel good” hormones,
  • Botanical extracts famous for suppressing hunger and cravings,
  • Natural energizers that may help to boost body and brain function
  • And more!

With ingredients like that, you get: Mood Elevation, Apetite Control, Xtreme energy (without the crash!)

Fit & Happy Shakes

You know the artificial junk found in most protein shakes? Well, you won’t find that here. This delicious vanilla (or choose mocha flavor) makes the perfect base for smoothies and recipes or a quick shake anytime of the day. With NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, GMO’s, or preservatives, you can feel good about how you are nourishing your body as you reach your goals!

So what is it? For one, we start with the most bioavailable protein available – whey protein concentrate, and add fiber and probiotics to support your gut health. This Keto-friendly, gluten free shake offers powerful vitamins, medium-chain triglycerides, and a natural carb blocker to help you look and feel your best!

†These product statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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