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Couple Workouts to Love

It’s the month of love, and if you love getting fit, healthy and happy then this is the month for you and your loved one to get fit together! To help you get started, we put together a list of workout ideas that can be done as a couple. Don’t have a significant other? Grab your bestie, neighbor, coworker, or anyone else who is looking for a workout partner.

Getting Fit with a Home Gym

For everything we love about winter, getting out in bad weather has you reconsidering leaving the house—and rightly so! Whether it’s icy roads, an impending winter weather storm, or just a toasty fire you can’t bear to part with, you forget weathering the elements and bring your gym home.
Just follow these 9 tips and exercises for your perfect workout at home!

Bye-bye back-to-school bugs

Why are back-to-school illnesses so common? Well, schools are like little germ factories. Classrooms can be crowded and kids’ hygiene can be questionable (to put it kindly). Plus, whenever there is a change of seasons (from summer to fall in this case), illnesses tend to be more common as well. How can you increase the chances that you and your children will remain healthy over the next few months?