We think these healthy recipes will outdo popular coffee shop creations any day! Don’t believe us? These refreshing summer treats are loaded with health benefits and are a breeze to make. Plus, with only a few ingredients each, you can ditch the line and save money, time, and excess calories! 

Frozen Happy Collagen Lemonade 

Happy Collagen added to a glass of our best-selling Zest+ Happy Lemonade creates a creamy, frozen beverage that’s perfect for the hot summer months. Consider this our take on your summer’s favorite staple!

Directions: Mix 1 stick pack of Zest+ Happy Lemonade according to package instructions. Add the beverage to a blender plus 1 scoop of Happy Collagen. Add ice and water to achieve preferred consistency. Make it your own by adding pineapple chunks or peaches.

Why you’ll love it: Our Zest+ Happy Lemonade Sticks feature long-lasting energy, natural nootropics that may help boost your brain’s “feel good” hormones, antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and more!

Happy Collagen contains our proprietary Triple Peptide Complex, which may help to prevent collagen breakdown, restore collagen synthesis and nourish all three layers of the skin matrix for smoother, softer, firmer, and brighter skin. 

Tropical Ice Cream with a Twist

Guilt-free ice cream with extra weight-loss perks? Sign us up!

Directions: In a food processor or mixer, mix together 2 cups of full fat cottage cheese, a scoop of PerX Tropical Twist, and fresh or frozen fruit. Process until smooth and creamy. Add mixture to a container or loaf pan and freeze for four hours or until firm.

Why you’ll love it: It’s a high-protein treat with only three ingredients! The tropical fruit flavor brings major vacay vibes! Plus, it’s sugar free and keto-friendly.

With the added energy boost from PerX, this healthy ice cream makes for the perfect pre or post workout treat.

Sleepy (and Happy) Girl Mocktail 

The popular drink concoction has been all the rage on social media lately. The viral recipe calls for magnesium powder but we made it our own with the ultimate beneficial ingredient – Unwined Chill Drink! Think of this yummy concoction as a dreamy beverage that helps you slow down, relax and chill. 

Directions: Mix 1 scoop of Unwined with 6 oz water, plus a splash of lemon-lime, sugar-free soda or splarkling water.

Why you’ll love it:

Racing thoughts, muscle tension, and stress can make quality sleep feel like a pipe dream. And while alcohol may help us fall asleep, staying asleep is a different story. Thankfully, our Unwined Chill Drink delivers smooth, all-over peace without alcohol or CBD so you can get a great night’s sleep, and with a new-found calm. You may notice you feel happier, and even your memory may improve from the “total reset” the night before. Plus, deep sleep (and reducing cortisol) is essential for weight loss and maintenance too!

Thinking of making your own Happy recipe? Don’t forget to tag us on social media so we can see your creations! Use the hashtag #HappyCoRecipes

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