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Vitamins and Supplements for the Winter Months

The first official day of Winter (in the northern hemisphere) is not until Wednesday, December 21st, which let’s face it, will be here before we know it! As with any changing of seasons our bodies change too, including what they need to stay healthy. By boosting your immune system with vitamins like Vitamin C, D, B, A, Rhodiola, and Probiotics, you feel better inside and out. 

Plant Power

You don’t have to be a committed vegetarian or vegan to enjoy more plants in your diet. And you don’t need to be in poor health to eat a salad before dinner. Adding more veggies and less processed foods to your diet is definitely a recipe for better health. Just take it meal by meal.

Make Your Brain Brainier

Nootropics are substances that enhance brain performance. Whether you desire more happiness, intelligence, creativity, focus, memory, energy, stress reduction, or self-control, there are natural compounds derived from plants that can help. Who doesn’t want to be happier, smarter, and more productive? Well, natural nootropics are your healthy little helpers!