The pace of life is crazy! (But we don’t have to tell you that.) Phone’s blowing up. Kids acting out. Bills are due. Texts. DMs. Emails. Did you hear the news? Not again! AAAAHHHH!

That’s why 85% of adults include caffeine as part of our daily ritual. We need to quickly get up to speed, so life doesn’t run us over. Caffeine gives us energy and focus. It helps us lose weight and improve athletic performance. And in our “pedal to the metal” world, it gives us a fighting chance.

Caffeine is absorbed into the body in 15-45 minutes and can be felt for several hours (for some people up to 7 hours). Caffeine binds to receptor sites normally allocated for adenosine (a calming molecule), so when caffeine jumps into these receptors, our brain fires faster and our blood vessels constrict, typically causing feelings of mental alertness.

Our Happy Coffee contains 175 mg of caffeine per serving.

How much caffeine can I drink every day

The US Food and Drug Administration considers 400 milligrams a safe amount of caffeine for a healthy adult to consume on a daily basis.

Below is the amount of caffeine in a few of our most popular products:

Paradise Punch™
250 mg per serving

Elevate Max®
175 mg per serving

Elevate Zest+
60 mg per serving

Elevate Max®+
175 mg per serving

60 mg per serving

30 mg per serving

Eight reasons why (the right amount of) caffeine is good for you:

  1. Boosts energy
  2. Improves focus, alertness, memory, and productivity
  3. Helps process sugar
  4. Helps circulation
  5. May support brain health
  6. May elevate mood
  7. May support weight management
  8. May improve athletic performance

This post is for educational and informative purpose only. The Happy Co. products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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