Happy February! Despite the chill, love is in the air. If you’re shopping for something special for someone you love, you’re seeing lots of red hearts, teddy bears, and chocolate on store shelves. What IS it about chocolate that spurs thoughts of love and happiness? Well, it CAN improve blood flow and circulation to the heart, for one. (Not to mention other facts we love, like lowered blood pressure and antioxidant benefits).

We love chocolate as much as the next cupid, but it’s also packed with sugar and fat, and like any candy, can give you a rush followed by a crash. There are better ways to spike those “love and happiness hormones” of serotonin and endorphins. A couple great ones include activity—exercise is the ideal mood booster. A little cardio goes a long way to get your heart pumping, and yes, sex counts!

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Another way to lift your spirits is to hold hands with someone you care about. As humans, we’re wired for touch. Even small gestures can have a big impact: hugging a friend, carrying an infant, resting your hand on a loved one’s arm…all of these create bonds of connection that naturally elevate our happy hormones. That’s why we recommend a great massage when you’re feeling stressed or tired: it’s not just a treat to relax your tissues and muscles, but a natural human touch can boost your sense of connection and grounding. It’s something we all need! Just like eye contact. We need it! Put down your phone, sit up straight, and share a moment with people in your presence. The internet can wait.

And for simple, sustainable mood boosting every day, try your choice of “Cup + Cap” combos from HCo. Called “cup” and “cap” because you choose your preferred beverage, pair it with HCo.’s Happy Caps in a monthly subscription that also saves you money, and have a customized daily program to improve focus, mood, appetite suppression, and so much more.

All of HCo.’s “cup” options are formulated for nootropic benefits—or focus to help support our busiest days. Whether you choose MAX Happy Coffee or Daybreak Happy Coffee, our delightful and refreshing Zest+ Happy Lemonade, our fruity PerX drinks, or summery Nootropic Punch, there’s a flavor you’ll crave! They’re delicious. They’re sugar-free and gluten-free and non-GMO. With our Cup + Cap combos, you can look for love in all the right places (and find it!). Plus, our SmartShip makes it easier and more affordable to get your daily dose of happy.

Fall in love this February–with life, with yourself, and with the beautiful benefits of Cup + Cap combos (and make your heart happy with hand-holding and cardio, too!)


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